Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kajal eye liner!

Are you looking to find the cheapest and most effective eye liner... well then you need to try Kajal. It goes on really well and lasts for some time - it doesn't tend to wash off with just one wash.

To get this look... (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar - who recommend Kajal)

Smokey eyes and sleek hair - gorgeous!

You need ...
Kajal eye liner

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spikes! Don't get hooked !

So, it seems as if many a fashion house have resorted to some hardcore embellishments to catch our attention... this time Christian Louboutin and Burberry are using spikes to win us over!

Burberry Spike jacket

Louboutin spiked loafers

What do you think? Hot or Not? I must say that I'll pass on the Louboutin loafers and trade them for the Louboutin spiked sneakers !

Self Tan Solutions!

Right, if you are pasty white and resemble snow white then this blog post is for you! I have discovered two excellent self-tan solutions!

First up is the more expensive option - this being Clarins Delicious.

A silky, lightly scented self tanner for the body that is infused with pure cocoa extracts.

 Just one tip - the colour tends to go on to the skin and gives a yellow-ish appearance - this colour soon disappears to leave a light glow (be sure to wash your hands after the application!)

The next option (being slightly cheaper) is Piz Buin's self tan tinted lotion which retails for about twenty-one dollars (as opposed to the Clarins product which sells for forty-two dollars!)

The Clarins product is better in terms of the smell factor, the scent is delicate (this is not to say that the Piz Buin is overwhelming though!).

The top tip for using any fake tan is to EXFOLIATE before you apply the lotion!

Good Luck and remember to always use a sun screen if you plan on going into the sun (a fake tan does not protect you from the sun's harmful rays!)

Designers 101

This post is inspired by my friend... She was mulling over which designer was associated with which design house (and which designer recently deceased!)

So, borne from her questions I designed an appropriate flow chart... so called Designers for dummies!

 McQueen was a designer for Givenchy 

And lest we forget disgraced former designer for Dior...John Galliano!

Chanel Fragrance MUST haves!

Chanel produces the most glorious fragrances with the most exquisite, long lasting fragrances. The fragrances produced by the fashion house represent sheer sophistication !

My favourite fragrance for women is Coco Mademoiselle! Chanel describes this fragrance as "feminine and sexy, young and exciting"! I would recommend this to any woman as her staple fragrance, it is absolutely luxurious!

Keira Knightley is stunning in this new advertisement for the fragrance! She is a classic beauty!

The definitive male equivalent of Mademoiselle is definitely Chanel Allure (Homme sport). What I like about this fragrance is the fact that it stays on for extended periods of time, smells great and is not overbearing! 

 "Casual and brisk. Fresh and sensual"

You should definitely go out and try these fragrances!  I have learnt a few tips on how to spray the fragrance so that the scent lingers for longer.... spray a mist of fragrance and walk through it OR spray the fragrance in your hair (I know it sounds odd - but it works!). 

Enjoy the world of Chanel !