Thursday, September 1, 2011

Perfect Paris

So I know that the thought of Paris Whitney Hilton causes most peoples' skins to crawl with absolute frustration and dislike but it has to be agreed upon that her sense of style is really simple yet beautiful. Okay so she doesn't ALWAYS look good and her actions and behaviour may sometimes outweigh her well-put-together looks but I still think her sense of style is really great!

Check out a few of my favourite outfits below...

Bohemian Chic !

Always a good idea to match your car...

Pretty in pink

Every girl should own an LBD!

Nicky & Paris Hilton - casual chic

Paris looks like someone out of Dallas - it works for her though
Simple elegance

White is definitely Paris' colour

All images are courtesy of X17online! Visit their website for the latest celebrity pictures and news.

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