Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Later alligator...

It seems that those who strive to become fashionable seek not to prove themselves as trendy by owning the best and wearing the best but they prove themselves as fashionistas by criticizing what they view as "unfashionable".

Case in point (and a very tired, tired point) is the donning of crocs. Now let's be honest here, just because you're aware that a hideous brand of shoe isn't fashionable does not make you the King of Couture.

I mean crocs were never intended to be fashionable and were a shoe of great utility - so it's just really tired when people on twitter are always tweeting about how horrid crocs are. It's just really tired.

Although...the croc brand was never JUST limited to dowdy old pieces of plastic that resembled old wooden clogs - the brand has so much more to offer in the way of cute pumps, hot boots and these "sexi sandals" ....
"Sexi sandals" from mycrocs.co.za

Anyway...Later alligators.

(P.S. maybe if crocs were made out of alligator, things would be a whole lot different!)

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